2 Bedroom Apartments in Washington, DC


2 Bedroom Apartments in Washington, DC are the perfect choice for a new apartment or a short-term stay, offering easy access to many of the city’s cultural offerings while providing you with the space you need for a comfortable stay. Take a look at the floor plans of your potential options to see what will work best for your personal needs before deciding on the size and layout of your new home. Whether you want a traditional single bed or the luxury of a master suite, be sure to consider the number of people who will be using the bedroom. A large family with children or a small romantic getaway may require a larger space than someone looking to use the bedroom for a romantic getaway alone. Choose the size of the 2 Bedroom Apartments in Washington, DC that will allow you to accommodate your wants and needs.

There is an abundance of a single bedroom and larger apartment styles to choose from in the Washington, DC metropolitan area. If you are looking for a cozy apartment that has easy access to great grocery stores and restaurants, look for apartments that offer floor-to-ceiling windows with private balconies, fireplaces, or patio doors that open directly onto the dining or living areas. These types of spaces may not need much additional square feet of decor, but they do offer breathtaking views of the city and its majestic buildings. Living in an apartment that overlooks a gorgeous park or another outdoor area may be just what you are looking for to take advantage of all the great outdoor spots Washington, DC has to offer.

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Check to see what kinds of extra amenities are included in your apartment package. Many apartments will provide additional spaces such as a washer and dryer, air conditioning, fireplaces, and additional bedrooms if you need them. If you need these kinds of extra conveniences, be sure to find out what kinds of rental fees or monthly fees these areas will charge. You may find that these fees are minimal compared to what it would cost to bring these additional rooms in at a time when you may need them most.