How the Affordable Housing New York Program Works


For low and moderate-income families in New York City, an Affordable Housing New York program can provide funds to pay for the construction or renovation of a home or apartment. The state created this program in May 2021 to help those who need assistance with housing costs. The following is a basic outline of how it works: each family is assigned an individual service level. The process then determines the most cost-effective housing option for each family, with the goal of ensuring that each family has access to affordable housing in New York City.

City s Oversight Faulted In Affordable Housing Program

First, the Family Service Office analyzes current income and family size statistics for each household in the New York City area. This includes information on how many rental units each family needs. Once this information has been compiled, the New York State Department of Health’s Division of Family Services identifies the most cost-effective option for each family. This option may include, in certain situations, both public and private rental units. Based on these results, the State submits an application for funds to the New York City Housing Development Corporation (NYCDHC) for rental assistance to families in need.

Second, families in the New York City area are sent a pre-qualified letter of notice. This letter provides all of the information that was analyzed in the above New York State Department of Health assessment. At this point, families are able to apply for funds to pay for either one or multiple rental units. If funds are approved, the family will receive an application confirmation from the NYCDHC. If the funding is not approved, the applicant will simply receive a letter informing them that they did not meet the Area Median Income Rental Units (amaR) requirement.

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