New York State Government Moves To Encourage Affordable Housing


When you read the New York Times, you’ll find stories of people who have been affected by the economic housing crisis. This crisis has resulted in foreclosures, mass evictions, and a lack of affordable housing options for those who can’t afford to pay the sky-high prices.

There are many affordable housing complexes in New York City, such as mixed-income communities that cater to low-income families and offer some amenities. The problem, however, is that although these complexes may seem like an ideal way for someone to live in New York City, the rent can be outrageously high, and many of these affordable housing units sit vacantly.

Mayor De Blasio s Plan For Affordable Housing The New

As a result, the New York State Department of Health’s division of family services has developed an affordable housing plan that proposes various solutions for the burgeoning problem. Among the measures proposed is the establishment of “affordable housing partners” who would serve as liaisons between the Department of Health and the various apartment management companies that operate in the New York City boroughs.

These affordable housing partners would act as referral agencies, making affordable housing units available to those who need them, and marketing them to those who can’t afford the high rents. They would also work to keep tenants from being displaced by foreclosures or eviction notices. The State also hopes that this effort will help to ease some of the congestion that currently plagues New York City’s real estate market.

Unfortunately, it seems that the affordable housing plan that was released last month has sparked a fierce debate in the New York State Senate over whether or not the plan goes too far. Opponents of the bill have argued that the measures go against the rights of landlords, who would be allowed to dictate how much their renters can pay. The state’s legislative assembly is expected to take up the affordable housing bill early this year, and if the measure passes, it is likely to face an immediate legal challenge from the National Right to Rent Organizer.

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In an interview with the New York Times, Assemblywoman Nicole Dayton (D-chester) voiced her concerns about the move, saying that the proposal “opens the door for landlords to take control of people’s lives.” She called on the Senate to either postpone or completely scrap the affordable housing bill.

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