How To Buy House In Dubai – UAE Law And Benefits Of Freehold Purchase


The plan of property investment in Dubai is on a rise and is predicted to take off next year as well. Property values are rising in Dubai with the World Trade Center, having just recently come up in the region. With all this economic power and new development taking place in the city, a lot of people are now planning on making investments in property and other assets here, which will be a major boost for the economy of the country. You can also look forward to good returns when you buy a house in Dubai.

Where To Start When Buying A House In Dubai Dubai Expats

There are many companies that deal in real estate in Dubai; however, not many of them provide you with great deals. All the top real estate companies in Dubai do not allow freehold purchase or holdbacks on any of their projects, which is why you need to check in with a few of them before investing any of your money in the city. One of the best ways to get hold of some of the best deals in the property market in Dubai is to take advantage of the freehold purchase option offered by some of the leading real estate companies.

Freehold purchase allows you to purchase a freehold property without the need of any type of mortgage. Therefore, if you are interested in investing in properties in Dubai you should look into a few of the companies offering freehold purchase, which can give you a good idea about the current market and what you can expect in terms of investments in the future.

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Another way of getting yourself involved in the Dubai property investment is through the UAE laws; the Dubai laws state that any investor that is present in the country after the end of an implementation date will be required to acquire a residence visa. This residency visa will then entitle the individual to reside and work in the country for five years.

If you have plans on investing in properties in Dubai then you should definitely consider this option, as you will be able to gain permanent residency within five years. If you are interested in buying a house in Dubai, you can use the freehold purchase option or the freehold property purchase option offered by the major property companies in order to help you get a residence visa. If you are able to purchase a house in Dubai using either option, you will be able to gain the benefits listed above.

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