Luxury Apartments in Chicago


If You are searching for true upscale luxury living at the center of downtown Chicago. Famous for its amazing architectural history and attractions such as Navy Pier, Wrigley Field, and beautiful Grant Park, this historic district is synonymous with upscale living. With a multitude of loft apartments and condominiums located in close proximity to popular nightspots like the North and south sides of Chicago, luxury apartments in Chicago are the perfect home for affluent families and individuals looking to enjoy some of the city’s best culinary delights, top-notch shopping venues, and world-class recreational possibilities. With the second largest number of hotels in the country, many of the top name hotels in Chicago are located in this dynamic community.

When: Ideal for families or individuals who enjoy living in the city, luxury suites in downtown Chicago provide an ideal living experience with all the conveniences you would expect from high-end living. From the state of the art amenities to state of the art facilities including pools, fitness centers, tennis courts, game rooms, spas, restaurants, and clubs, you are guaranteed to find a luxury apartment with everything you are looking for. Amenities include Cable TV, Hi-Fi stereo systems, fireplaces, hardwood floors, private balconies, air conditioning/heaters, security, and parking. This vibrant community offers everything you are looking for in the style of a New York City luxury apartment or a suburban Chicago condominium. It is also a great place for newlywed couples that want to enjoy the hospitality of a fine hotel while they start their new life together.

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When: Any time of the year is ideal for you to enjoy living in one of Chicago’s luxury apartment communities. Whether you are seeking a quiet retreat or a bustling social scene, Chicago has something to offer you. With warm weather and lovely spring weather back in full swing, there are many new couples choosing to take the plunge into chic luxury apartments. Luxury apartments in Chicago are also a great option for corporate housing for businesses looking to provide space to their growing workforce.