Rice University Apartments For Rent Near Rice University


Rice University offers a wide variety of apartments for rent in Houston. The school boasts over 2300 undergraduate and graduate students from all around the state and has recently begun offering online bachelor’s degree programs as well. Students can choose to enroll in one of the many master’s degree programs that are offered or simply sign up to complete their associate degrees online.

Students who are planning on attending Rice University but do not yet have financial means can rent a house or apartment in the downtown area for the summer months when they are not going to be using it. Renting an apartment will allow a student to get a feel for the community and the school before committing to a long-term lease.

Apartments For Rent Near Rice University Houses For Rent

Rice University has many nearby attractions and activities for anyone who is interested in learning more about the campus and the many aspects of academic life. The Rice Village is a mixed residential neighborhood that was designed to help students live on campus even if they did not want to live on campus. The village includes homes ranging from traditional single-family homes to extremely luxurious apartment buildings that are also situated near Rice University’s campus. Rice Village is also near many other campuses including Conroe’s South Hills and Clear Channel.

Rice University apartments for rent are also close to the downtown area, making it easy to commute to and from classes. Students can easily take buses or walk to downtown departments to complete their homework assignments, research topics, or participate in class events.

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There is no reason to drive to school; instead, Rice University students can take a commuter bus or walk to class, pay any bills, and then hop onto the commuter bus back to their homes. This saves time and money and allows students to attend classes and stay at home while they complete their work at home or college.

Apartments Near Rice University House Home

Rice University Apartments House Home

Luxury Apartments Near Rice University Hanover Rice Village

Apartments For Rent Near Rice University Houses For Rent